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When the infant is ready to graduate to the toddler room we hope to have some basic skills in place. These skills include:

Drinking from a sippy cup and manipulating food with a spoon.
Sitting for a short group time.
Independently walking.
Weened from soother and bottle.
On a regular feeding schedule.
Sitting in chairs at table for lunch.
Sleeping on a cot.
Each child will be introduced to the computer using a age appropriate progams and equipment.

We plan educational activities and experiences for children in our program. It is encouraged for staff to build personal relationships with children they are caring for in our program.
Infant Program


2-3 complete sets of clothing that are clean and labeled and seasonally appropriate.
Sufficient supply of diapers, wipes and any special ointments needed - staff will notify parents when supplies need to be replenished.
Any dietary special needs including pureed food, special formulas, milk if not homo milk or pablum need to be supplied by the parent.
Please clearly label all food, containers, bottles and bottle parts brought into the centre - NO glass bottles please.
If a soother is used please have one designated to stay at the centre.
A blanket and/or special sleep time buddy is appreciated.
Sun hat and sunscreen on a seasonal basis.
Extra hat and mitts for winter as well.
Indoor shoes to be left at school.
Family picture to be displayed in classroom.


Sippy cups, plates, bowls, spoons, etc.
All bedding.
And lots of TLC.
Games, toys, sensory activities, crafts, stories, gross motor activities, etc.
A safe and bright environment for learning.

The centre will be responsible for washing the bed linens and washing of the toys on a regular basis. All soiled clothing will be sent home on a daily basis in a plastic bag.

All personal items from home should be clearly labeled to minimize confusion at the centre.

All parents are required to continue open communication by using a journaling system. Each day the teachers will write a short overview of the child's day including sleep pattern, food and activities. It would be of great help to the teacher if the parent can tell the teachers how the child's night went.
This will create a better atmosphere for your child.


The following schedule is only a suggested schedule of how your child's day my look.

6:30 AM Centre Opens - exploratory play
8:30 AM Snack
9:00 AM Diaper change (morning naps if needed)
10:00 AM Exploratory Outside Play - weather permitting
11:00 AM Lunch
11:45 AM Diaper changes and getting ready for nap
12:30 PM Nap time
2:30 PM Diaper changes and quiet time activities
3:15 PM Snack
3:45 PM Exploratory play Inside or Outside - weather permitting
5:30 PM Tidy up time, stories
6:00 PM Child care centre closes and doors are locked


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